Driving Design with a Well-defined Content Strategy: Part One

New projects generate lots of excitement and enthusiasm. Whether it's generating brand new software or revitalizing an old website, coming up with ideas and fleshing out details is invigorating. When developing designs that target business goals, dummy text—lorem ipsum—and placeholder graphics, however expedient, leave a tangible sense of uncertainty. This two-part blog outlines a structured way of generating working content not just for the short-term design process, but also for the long-term care and feeding of your software or website.
Content Strategy

How to Avoid Drupal Pitfalls

Drupal is a free, secure, flexible, and effective framework for developing dynamic websites. However, this is only true if you know how to avoid the pitfalls that could prevent you from fully enjoying the qualities of Drupal. This article talks about common dangers when developing Drupal projects and how to avoid them.
Software Development