Logic Branch Productions

We’re a small custom software development firm located in scenic Brattleboro, Vermont. Founded in 2009, we do projects big and small, from working for companies in the Fortune 500 to helping launch startups from scratch. We’ve also got public sector experience that includes work for universities as well as government grant-funded research.

Our Work

We specialize in projects for the web and mobile apps. We describe our work as “custom software” because that’s our sweet spot: when you’ve evaluated a dozen databases made for your industry and none of them fits your organization’s needs, we can help. If your brand identity calls for a website design that’s not an off-the-shelf theme, or you need user experience that’s not like all your competitors, we can build it for you.

You can get an overview of some recent projects below. Contact us to talk about what you're looking for and we can get into the details of other relevant work we may have done.