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New Chapter iOS App

Educating the Customer

First and foremost in New Chapter’s mission is “to deliver the wisdom of Nature”. In order to make good on that promise, the company paid special attention to making individuals aware of how New Chapter products could address their specific health and wellness needs. A major marketing challenge involved guiding the consumer to which of the 70+ New Chapter supplements held the most benefit for them. Being a premium brand, New Chapter also needed to convey what differentiates their products and awards them their premium status.


New Chapter app showing products and supplement facts

The App’s Key Feature

Enter the Supplement Advisor. While the New Chapter website grouped their supplements into helpful categories based on type (multivitamins, herbal supplements, fish oil, etc.) or health needs (inflammation, bone strength, prenatal/postnatal, etc.) the choices—especially for the new customer—could be daunting. The app’s product recommendation engine was a primary means to address this while guiding the consumer with a fun, enlightening tool.


New Chapter app showing their Supplement Advisor


This standout feature of the app worked by asking a series of questions about vital statistics, lifestyle, family history, and health goals. The app, based on the expertise of a naturopathic physician, provided a list of New Chapter supplements customized for the user. Along the way, the user learned details about natural ingredients and New Chapter’s points of differentiation such as their fermentation process and rigorous ingredient sourcing.

For users wishing to dive deeper into the science behind the product, the app offered videos embedded from the New Chapter YouTube channel.

Working Offline and Staying in Sync

The New Chapter supplement facts and packaging required periodic updates to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and the website received these updates fastidiously. To ensure the app also met this requirement, we designed it to check daily for updates made to the website and download them in the background when an internet connection was present. The app required no duplication of data entry and was able to work offline—a requirement for trade shows and practitioners’ offices.

Supporting Local Partners

Committed to supporting local merchant partners, the New Chapter app offered a store finder that synchronized store data from the website. Its map centered itself based on the user’s location and zoomed to show the stores nearest to the user. The store finder contained each partner store’s contact information and integrated with the iOS device’s maps and phone for directions and calls.


New Chapter app showing the Store Finder