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News Office

After UMass decided to standardize on the Drupal platform, they came to us to rebuild their News Office website with enhanced capabilities. We built support for a multi-stage editorial workflow, including different content types for a variety of internal and external audiences. The site is optimized for mobile use.

Advanced search features

In addition to featuring the most up-to-date news on the home page, the site allows users to search the news archive. We developed the archive to allow casual browsing as well as specific searching with powerful features that enable researchers to zero-in on topics, keywords or dates of interest. Article tags and topics reside as terms in taxonomy vocabularies that administrative users can easily edit.

UMass News Archive search page

Built with the Expert Researcher in Mind

We also created an advanced search system for the Experts page. It enables users such as journalists and researchers to filter and search for candidates for talks, interviews, and reviews. 

UMass website Experts page