Solveig Kurowski
Project Manager, Partner

Solveig Kurowski is the Project Manager and a partner at Logic Branch, where she works on business management and client communication. Before joining Logic Branch, Solveig worked at the MIT Media Lab as the assistant for its Executive Director, Walter Bender. Later, Solveig managed research projects at the Center for Advanced Study for Language at the University of Maryland, where she operationalized their customer projects by gathering requirements for project workflow and documenting accumulated best practices. Working with various government clients such as the State Department, she worked on research design and methods to evaluate best practices for summary translation. She conducted interviews and observations with research participants, analyzed data, and collaborated on papers and reports. Her responsibilities included goal setting, budgeting, and facilitation of research. Solveig was invited to present her research group's work on International Translation Day during a conference at the University of Vigo in Vigo, Spain.  She obtained an MA in Political Science from the American University in Washington D.C. As a Masters student she wrote a position paper on minority language policy and education. It was presented to the president of Iraq, Jalal Talabini, and the Parliament as part of the discussion for the drafting of the interim Iraqi constitution. Most recently she was invited by the Windham World Affairs Council to present her research on language policy at the School for International Training.